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We would love to hear from you and welcome feedback from your school and the children themselves – let us know what works or what doesn’t work, what you or any of the children think about the programme, the subjects it covers and issues it raises and how we can make things better.

We would also love you to share the children’s work with us and the Connect Kids community. You can scan their work and then save on your computer. Then use the “Browse” button below to assist you to browse for their work and upload to send to us. Alternatively, you may send the work to:

Connect Kids Limited
3rd Floor
210 South Street

FOR SCHOOLS: If you wish to take advantage of the LIMITED OFFER 2017! and want your subscription back for FREE please send us the illustrated texts of all 4 Pete books, rate the ConnectKids resources at (search CONNECTKIDS), ensure you let us know what name you used to rate the resources and which school you are from so that we can refund your school.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: If you wish to take advantage of the LIMITED OFFER 2017! and want to win FREE subscription for your school, please send us the texts of the Pete books you have illustrated and a short review of the book(s). Ensure you let us know which school you are from so that we can get your school set up for FREE.

If sending through any of the children’s work (whether electronically or physically) please ensure that you first include the Upload Cover Form and that you have obtained parental/guardian’s consent for you to send and us to use the work. Please also take a moment to check that the children’s work could not be considered to be offensive to any group or person in any way. Connectkids will not be responsible for any content that you upload. We will use our best endeavours to include the children’s work on the website, but we do not guarantee this.

The Upload Cover Form
The Parental Consent Form

If you would like to link up with other schools please do let us know.

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