Butterfly Blue

What would you do if the existence of an entire species depended on you?

About this book

Butterfly Blue is a book about how we can make a difference, no matter what age we are.


When Daniel James is told that he is to spend his spring holiday in the English countryside rather than playing on his Xbox and hanging out in London with his friends, he is bitterly disappointed.

But then how is he to know that his journey into the countryside is to lead him to do something wonderfully heroic that lands him on Evening News?

Here’s what some kids thought of Butterfly Blue:

Your book was flabbergasting and exciting!Tommy (8)
I loved Butterfly Blue. It was amazing. Please write a second one! My favourite character is Holly because she discovered the field.Rosie (8)
I enjoyed your book so much. It was great!Sam (9)
I loved Butterfly Blue. My favourite person was Holly.Georgia (9)
Thank you so much. It was the best ever book.Josh (8)
Butterfly Blue was brilliant! Please write a new one. I want to hear moreAmy (8)
Butterfly Blue was amazing. My favourite character was Danny.Charlie (9)
I loved Butterfly Blue. It was amazing. I think you should write another one.Jeevun (8)
Thank you so much! It was the best book I have read.Jayden (9)