Lesson 3: Bullying – Let’s Illustrate “Clarence The Clumsy Calf” Together

  • Activity Description: Artwork: Creating an illustrated class version of “Clarence the Clumsy Calf”
  • Learning Objective(s):
    • To engage the children’s imagination and ease them into the activities that follow by inviting them, jointly, to illustrate and create their own class version of the story “Clarence the Clumsy Calf”
    • To foster co-operation in performing this joint task
    • To teach the children that creativity and art is a form of self-expression and there is no right answer. Each child can draw anything they wish to illustrate the page they are tasked with.
  • Preparation: You should have read the story “Clarence the Clumsy Calf” first and completed the activity on bullying
  • Resources:
    • The story “Clarence the Clumsy Calf”
    • The Teacher’s Guide to Illustrating the Stories
  • Instructions:
    • Using the Teacher’s Guide to Illustrating the Stories invite the children to illustrate the story “Clarence the Clumsy Calf”
  • Handout(s):
    • Let’s Look at Inclusion and Exclusion Handout Sheet Activity 3
    • The story of “Clarence the Clumsy Calf”
  • Suggested Journal Entry: Their thoughts about illustrating the story
Clarence the Clumsy Calf