About Let’s Get Started:

This part of the programme is aimed at children aged 7-9 (Key Stage 2: Years 3 or 4 in the UK)
The programme comprises the following sections:
 Let’s look at difference and similarity
 Let’s be proud of who we are
 Let’s look at exclusion and inclusion
 Let’s look at the importance of rules
 Let’s sort out the environment
 Let’s do something to make a difference in the world
 Let’s get us together!
The programme comprises the following Resources: Issue Stories; Real Stories and Metaphoric Stories; and various Activities and Handouts that accompany these stories:
 Resources:
• Issue Stories: The Pete the Parrot Series This is a series of stories that raises certain issues so as to allow for discussion and provides projects around the issue to engage children on an intellectual level:
o Say ‘Hello’ Pete tackles the issue of overcoming national, cultural and linguistic divides;
o Pete the Faithful Friend tackles the issue of religion
o Colourful Pete tackles the issue of colour and
o Pete’s View deals with the environment.

 Real Stories: These stories are about individuals who have managed to make their mark on history by overcoming adversity, standing up to racism of whatever kind or highlight the plight of a people – real life heroes with which children can identity. These stories include fact files on:
o Nelson Mandela
o Malala Yousuf
o Iqbal Masih
o Martin Luther King
o Helen Keller
o Emmeline Pankhurst
o Anne Frank
o The Fourteenth Dalai Lama
o Mahatma Ghandi
o Mother Teresa

 Metaphoric Stories: These are stories that use image and metaphor to help children to identify and empathise with characters or situations and so get in touch with their own feelings on an issue and deal with these issues on an emotional level:
o The Ugly Duckling and Lambeth the Sheepish Lion – We also recommend the use of Walt Disney’s adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story of the Ugly Duckling and Walt Disney’s Lambeth the Sheepish Lion – these are fabulous stories to teach children self-love and/or empathy with other children who are labelled as being different
o The Nails in the Fence – We have called this story “The Nails in the Fence” but the true title and the original author is unknown. This story teaches children about managing anger and that words can hurt
o Clarence the Clumsy Calf – This is a story about copying with bullying
o Butterfly Blue – This is a story to inspire children to make a difference in this world.

• Activities: These are exercises and activities to help children engage and explore the issues raised in the stories. Some of these activities include handouts as well.