About – “Say ‘Hello’ Pete!”

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Pete the Parrot refuses to say ‘hello’. What do Tom and Tami do? Do you know?

About this book

Say ‘Hello’ Pete! is the first book in this series of four books about a young boy and girl called Tom and Tami and a parrot called Pete.


When Tom and Tami try to teach Pete the Parrot to say hello, and Pete fails to reply, they simply assume that Pete speaks a different language and try to say hello to Pete in every language they know. Having tried them all, Tom and Tami finally resign themselves to the fact that Pete won’t speak to them at all and decide to give him away. Hearing this, Pete does a quick about-turn and admits that he knows how to speak any language and can say hello in them in all. Tom and Tami scold Pete for his bad manners and provide a deeper message, that being, that the world would be a better place if we all just said hello to each other and made an effort to overcome our national, cultural and linguistic divides.